What Next Generation K-12 Computer Science Teachers Will Need To Know

The preparation for the next generation of computer science teachers is going to require some of the same preparation that their students will need. Next generation CS teachers will need to adopt many of the same skill sets, soft skills, and adaptability to new technologies and become fluent in a variety of instructional models to address the range of student entry points.

A Demand For Soft Skills
A new demand for soft skills for both teachers to utilize to connect students to outside resources and also the ability to demonstrate the capacity for using them in learning environments which support their use in student classroom experiences.

Instructional Strategies to Support Project-Based Learning & Hands-On Learning
Computer Science educators will need to be able to identify the instructional strategies to support online learning, project-based instruction and also teaching practices which are non-traditional skill sets and new technology trends and tools to instruct. What comes to mind are educators fluent to instruct with models such as the ADDIE or Gagne's 9 Events. Having a skill set and playbook for instructional approaches to teach.

Differentiation & Well Defined Competency Based Rubrics For Self Directed Learning Goals

Assessments for students in Computer Science will adapt to meet the growing job market and trending technology. Teachers will need to be able to identify specific competency-based skill sets and develop and use rubrics to assess new skills and the environment and authenticity of the learning.
A Well Developed CS Skill-set and Adaptability To Acquire New Skills Continually
The most important skill for teachers in this area will be the willingness to adapt to new technologies and implement them into instruction in proper context. Adaptability will be key as what will be necessary for the range of K-12 CS instruction will surely change each year.

A Deep Connection To Industry and the ability and skills to lead program development

The new generation of CS teachers will need to forge deeper relationships with industry and show a willingness to lead the adoption of new CS programs and initiatives in their respective schools. They will need to educate and inform others of the power that these skills bring to students and the power that opportunities that interdisciplinary approaches to teaching computer science will bring to students and educators and ultimately industry.

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